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Simple and Delicious Pumpkin Roll Recipe to Impress Everyone

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pumpkin roll recipe

Pumpkin Rolls are like those fancy dessert flexes that look all bougie, but trust me, they're surprisingly easy to whip up. Take 'em to any event, and people will legit assume you spent all day in the kitchen.

Easy Pumpkin Roll Recipe: 5 Steps

easy pumpkin roll recipe

Making The Batter

pumpkin roll cake

Getting Ready to Bake

pumpkin cream cheese roll

Baking and Rolling

pumpkin cream cheese roll


how to make a pumpkin roll

Packaging and Cutting

Easy Pumpkin Roll Recipe


Pumpkin Rolls are a top seller at Thanksgiving, second only to cinnamon rolls. Customers love to be able to purchase a Pumpkin Roll and serve it to their friends and family. It looks so elegant and tastes so good! Not only is Pumpkin Roll easy to make, it is also a high-profit item that customers will happily pay for during the holidays.


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pumpkin roll recipe

Go from pumpkin roll rookie to pumpkin roll rockstar faster than you can set the oven to 375. Inside Pumpkin Roll Perfection you get to see every little twist, every flip, every sprinkle of powdered sugar in glorious detail.

Plus, remember when you tried to fold that origami swan following a blog post and it ended up looking like a potato? Yeah, well, detailed video instructions can save your pumpkin roll from a similar fate!

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how to make a pumpkin roll
pumpkin roll recipe