How to Sell My Homemade Cookies

Want to sling cookie boxes that'll have folks lining up around the block?

Selling Cookie Boxes: The Ultimate Resource for Home Bakers Without Messing With Shipping

How to Sell My Homemade Cookies
How to Sell My Homemade Cookies
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The Big Cookie Conundrum: No Dough Rolling In?

Have you ever gone down the rabbit hole of internet how-tos and come out feeling like you just ran a marathon backward?

Trying to learn about starting a cookie box business online can be exhausting and confusing.

Spoiler alert: you usually get what you pay for, and if you're not paying, you might not get the best advice.

It took me weeks to figure out all of the supplies I needed the first time I made a cookie box. I scoured FB groups to see what others did and what would work best for me. We had some real recipe flops and quite a few messes.

Sure, you could try to piece together a cookie box busines plan from all these sources, but let's be honest, you want to SELL cookies, not just make them!

How to Sell My Homemade Cookies

The Ins And Outs Of The Cookie Box Game That Can't Be Overlooked

cookie boxes

Cookie Flavors Galore

Vanilla is vanilla, but your innovation isn't. Learn how to mix up your menu with the right gourmet cookie recipes.

Do you want to offer unique cookies without the dreaded baking blunders?

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Master The Art of Branding

Your identity tastes as good as your cookies. Come for the cookies, stay for the swoon-worthy packaging.

Do you get so tired of researching packaging that you skimp on presentation?

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Taking Orders Like a Champ

Nail the social media marketing and online order process and watch those local sales roll in.

Do you no longer want to rely on your DMs for orders and still sell out?




Ever stumbled across the word "connoisseur" and thought it was just a fancy term for someone who's a bit too into their food or drinks? Well, you're not too far off!

A connoisseur is someone who's got a real knack for knowing the good stuff when they see it, taste it, or smell it.

It’s like having a sixth sense but for sussing out the finest wine, the richest chocolate, or, in your case, the most scrumptious cookies that'll make your customer's taste buds do a happy dance.

So, when you're baking to sell, think like a connoisseur‚ÄĒbe picky with your packaging and ingredients and know your product inside out.

Who knows, maybe your cookies will be the next big thing a fancy connoisseur will rave about!

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As every connoisseur knows, it's not just about creating tasty treats; it's an art form that requires passion, skill, and a little bit of magic. And that's where we come in - the Cookie Box Connoisseur eBook is your secret weapon to creating cookie boxes that are not only delicious but also visually stunning without messing with the post office and shipping nightmares.

I teach you the ins and outs of the cookie box game, from sourcing killer recipes to mastering branding and marketing. Plus, I'll show you the ropes of taking your business online with social media stardom tips.

  • Skip the guesswork with our A-list of recipe sources; no more baking blunders or frosting flops!
  • Stand out from the sea of stale¬†cookie bakers¬†with branding that's as unique as your snickerdoodles.
  • Time to ditch those dull packaging blues; with our presentation tips, your cookie boxes will look so good they might just steal the show!
  • And thanks to our social media strategies, you'll have followers drooling over your feed faster than you can say 'macadamia nut'.
  • Taking Orders Like a Champ: Nail the online order process and watch those local sales roll in on automation.¬†


Cookie Box Connoisseur eBook


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Inside the 33-page digital eBook I cover these topics!

  • Recipe Sources:¬†Curated selection of trusted recipe sources for delicious cookies

  • Labeling:¬†Master the art of branding.

  • Supplies:¬†Recommendations and tips for choosing the right materials

  • Favorite Accounts to Follow: My IG favorite cookie makers

  • Taking Local Orders:¬†Tips for attracting local customers and¬†taking¬†orders¬†online

  • Deliveries and Pickups: Mastering¬†the last part of the cookie box process -¬†¬†getting your product to your local customers¬†

  • Cookie Flavors:¬†Ideas for customization and flavor variations

  • Subscriptions: The pros and cons of selling monthly cookie boxes

  • Cookie Sizes and Pricing:¬†Cost-saving techniques to maximize profitability

  • Practice Baking:¬†Solutions to common challenges in cookie box creation

  • Marketing:¬†Proven methods for effectively marketing and selling cookie boxes



And the best part? It's all yours for just $27! That's right, less than the profit of a single fancy cookie box order.

selling cookie boxes
selling cookie boxes
selling cookie boxes
selling cookie boxes

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