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Master the art of creating mouth-watering Cinnamon Rolls that will have your customers flocking to your home bakery business

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Even with the perfect recipe, without a strategic bulk-baking approach and a profitable selling plan, the recipe loses its value.

Consistent Product Quality

Consistent quality ensures that every roll tastes as good as the last, building customer trust and loyalty. When it comes to a complex product like cinnamon rolls, achieving a balanced flavor profile is both an art and a science.

Scaling Production

This skill is integral to efficiently meeting an increase in demand without compromising on the quality or consistency of the product. Successful scaling extends beyond just multiplying the ingredients; it involves understanding the nuances of dough handling, baking time adjustments, and efficient use of kitchen space.

Proper Packaging and Storage

Good packaging preserves the quality of the cinnamon rolls, preventing them from drying out, losing their fresh-baked aroma, and maintaining the overall taste and texture. It also presents your product in an attractive manner, making it more appealing to customers.

The Perfect Cinnamon Roll Bake in Bulk Recipe


Every baker struggles to find the perfect cinnamon roll recipe. I know I did!

Some are too dry, some taste like cardboard, and some are just too time-consuming!

This recipe has been molded and shaped into perfect.

Not only is it delicious, it actually stays delicious for days with no drying out.

And there’s no need to wake up in the middle of the night to start them for breakfast or to sell.

I’ve streamlined the baking, storing, and freezing process for you too.

In twenty minutes, you can (reheat) cinnamon rolls that taste fresh like they just came out of the oven!

These cinnamon rolls have become “small town famous.”

They are sold in four coffee shops in our Southeastern Missouri area and thousands have enjoyed them during their holiday celebrations.

Inside Cinnamon Roll Mastery swipe my bulk recipe and watch as I teach you all the tips and tricks to baking and selling in bulk that took a decade of perfecting.

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Let's face it: cinnamon rolls are delicious and addictive - the perfect bakery item for your business. This course will take you from amateur to expert in no time as it teaches you how to start your own cinnamon roll business and master how to build an empire of happy customers.

Finally, make the perfect cinnamon rolls in bulk like a pro!

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  • Step-by-step "Small Town Famous" Cinnamon Roll Recipe for Bulk Baking
  • Six Video Lessons walking you through each step of the baking process
  • Supply List with supplier recommendations
  • Tips and Ideas for Selling your Cinnamon Rolls
  • Digital Workbook to have at your fingertips
  • Get any questions answered inside the course comment area
  • BONUS! Strawberry Rolls Recipe

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