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6 Best Ways to Make Supplemental Income From Baking

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best ways to make supplemental income baking

I don't need to tell you this, but baking takes a lot of time and energy! As a home baker, if you’re not baking, you’re not making money. I love baking and will continue to bake as long as I possibly can, but there are other things that I do to bring in income. Rhere's a whole batch of opportunities just waiting to turn your existing kitchen adventures into some sweet, sweet moolah and more time off! So, sit back and grab a cookie as we whisk you through the 6 best ways to make supplemental income from baking. Let's roll (in dough)!


The Time Commitment of Baking: From Kneading Dough to Passive Income Magic

In the world of baking, time is an ingredient just as important as flour or sugar. We're talking about hours spent kneading dough, watching your goodies rise in the oven, and then waiting for them to cool. That's not even including the time needed for sourcing ingredients, cleaning up, and handling orders.

It's clear that baking isn't just a labor of love; it's a full-on time commitment! And while the smell of fresh cookies is hard to beat, last time we checked, you can't exactly trade it in for a day off!

That's where the magic of passive income enters. It's the yeast to your bread, the icing to your cake, the secret sauce that helps you earn money even while you're off having dough fights with the kids or finally catching up on that baking show.

Because, let's be real, who wouldn't want to make some extra dough while taking a well-deserved rest?


The 6 Best-Kept Secrets to Make Money from Your Love for Baking

I really enjoy taking the weekends off now and having time off to spend with family and rest by using these ideas in my business. 


  1. Teach Classes

Teaching others your craft can be so much fun for you and your customers. Right now, people are looking for activities to do with their friends and even teenage children. Some classes that might interest others are cookie decorating, sourdough bread, cake decorating, gluten-free baking, and pie-making. These classes do take quite a bit of time to organize and prepare for, but they are very profitable.


  1. Sell your recipes

If you have some tried and true recipes, other bakers will be willing to buy them. It’s so great getting a recipe from someone you trust rather than trial and error.


  1. Teach online

You probably have a niche where you’re the expert! I love helping women start home bakeries and teaching them to bake in bulk. You may be an expert in cake decorating or baking with whole-grains. Maybe you know how to run a bakery with four little kids at home. All of these things can be turned into mini courses or workshops online.


  1. Sell baking-related products

I know a baker who sells cookie kits every month to her monthly subscribers. Another baker mails out baking tools each month in a subscription box. There are several bakers who design packaging or design baking apparel. And let’s not forget about all of the cookie cutter artists! These are just a handful of ways you can sell products without baking. 


  1. Affiliate Marketing

Companies love it when their customers sell their products for them! You can make money by being an affiliate for another business. They will usually give you a link and a coupon code to use. It’s a win-win for both of you! 


  1. Coaching and Consulting

There have been women in my community who asked to meet with me so they could “pick my brain” about their baking business. If this is happening to you, it’s time to start charging a consulting fee. I was just speaking with a local business owner about this, and he started charging consulting fees this month!



Exploring Passive Income In Your Home Bakery

I am just now getting into some of these myself, and it’s been a great way to make passive income. If you are interested in learning more about freeing up hours in your bakery and creating a passive income, follow this link for more information 

You can use code MICHELLE2192 for 10% off! And yes, this is an example of #5. Affiliate marketing! But I wouldn’t recommend anything I didn’t use myself. 😉


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