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Create a Hive of Social Media Activity Around Your Home Bakery

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In the world of home baking, where warmth, authenticity, and connection are as crucial as the quality of your baked goods, finding the right social media strategy is key.

It's not just about being present online; it's about creating a space that reflects the passion behind every bake, inviting customers not just into a virtual storefront but into the heart of your home bakery itself.

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Whisking Through the Digital Kitchen: The Art of Mastering Social Media

Navigating the wild wild west of social media can often feel like trying to bake a perfect soufflĂ© on your first try—fraught with uncertainty and the potential for collapse.

Many home bakers, passionate about their craft and eager to share their creations with the world, have found themselves whisking through various strategies with mixed results.

You’ve likely tried following general social media advice, posting sporadically without much strategy, or maybe even imitating what seems to work for others.

But without understanding the unique appetites of your audience, these efforts can fall flat, leaving you feeling more deflated than a failed soufflé.

It's not your fault, though.

The digital kitchen (aka social media) is a complex place filled with ever-changing algorithms and a diverse array of tastes and preferences.

Just like in baking, where understanding your ingredients and the chemistry between them is crucial, success on social media requires a deep knowledge of your platform and your audience.

But here's the uplifting twist...

just as every baker starts with a basic recipe and adjusts it through trial and error, finding your sweet spot on social media is entirely achievable.

With the right guidance, tools, and understanding, your content can rise beautifully, engaging your audience and bringing joy to both you and them.

Discover the Sweet Spot of Social Media for Your Home Bakery

After failing to grow my online audience by chasing voice-over trends, mimicking other marketers, and posting without a strategy, I took a more personal route, and that's when everything started to fall into place.

Authentic Engagement

Let's face it, anyone can post a pretty picture of a cupcake and call it a day.

But can you tell a story that makes someone feel they can almost taste it through their screen?

You can learn the mechanics of posting anywhere; instead, you need to learn how to use social media to create genuine connections that turn into life long customers.

Baking Specific Strategies

Your creations are unique, and your social media strategy should be too.

From showcasing your latest edible art to giving a sneak peek into the magic happening in your kitchen, you not only need a strategy that captures the essence of your brand - but one that's been test-driven and proven by other home bakers.

Consistency Without The Burnout

Balancing baking demands with maintaining an active and engaging social media presence can be like juggling hot pans straight out of the oven.

Instead, you need a strategy that weaves the crucial social media elements into your existing day-to-day schedule.

When you're equipped with the right tools and techniques, you can share your passion with the world without letting the heat of the social media kitchen get to you.

Let me take you on a little trip down memory lane to where it all began for me about 15 years ago.


Back then, the digital world was a different place. Social media was more like a digital ghost town where pictures were rare gems.

My early days were simple: I'd post about my farmers' market offerings, never bothering to pay attention to likes, shares, or even comments. 

As my little bakery began to flourish, I started to see the untapped potential of social media. It wasn't just a platform; it was a bustling community eager to hear from me, not just about today's bake but about the stories behind each crumb.

I opened up, sharing snippets of my life in and out of the bakery. And just like that, magic happened.

My following blossomed, lines at markets grew longer, and my inbox was flooded with order requests. Baking classes? Sold out in a heartbeat.

Demand for my baked goods skyrocketed, letting me be selective with orders and ensuring I sold out market after market.

This transformation was my lightbulb moment.

Facebook wasn't just a tool; it became my partner in growth, allowing me to connect with my audience on a personal level.


But here's the thing – I know I'm not alone in this journey.

You share a passion for baking and yearn to turn it into something more, just like I did.

It's why I've poured my heart and soul into creating a solution that bridges the gap between your kitchen and the rest of the world, just as I managed to do.

I've been in your shoes, faced the same walls, and found a way through.

Now, I'm here to guide you, laugh with you, and help you find your path to success using social media.


Baker's Buzz: Create a Hive of Social Media Activity Around Your Home Bakery

pumpkin roll recipe

This course is meticulously crafted for you – whether you're finding new purpose in the golden years of empty nesting or you're a stay-at-home mom eager to blend family life with an entrepreneurial spirit for baking.

"Baker's Buzz" is here to guide you through the maze of social media as a homebaker, transforming your passion into a palpable buzz that attracts customers and fosters a community around your home bakery.

What's Included in Baker's Buzz:


The "Baker's Buzz" Videos + Workbook empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to market your bakery business on social media effectively.


Here's a detailed breakdown of its features:

  • Audience Insight: The workbook identifies a broad range of example audience categories, from stay-at-home moms and working moms to gluten-free individuals and party planners. This diverse categorization helps bakers understand and target their ideal customer base more effectively.

  • Ideal Customers for Facebook Posts Example: It specifically highlights my ideal clients as "Martha" (a retired grandmother) and "Erica" (a working mother) for creating engaging content on Facebook, providing a focused approach to crafting posts that resonate.

  • Niche Problems Solved: The workbook addresses common scenarios where bakers can offer solutions, such as making a 16th birthday special or providing treats for a wedding, showcasing the practical value bakers bring to their customers' lives.

  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP) Examples: With examples like traditional designs, creative flavors, and gluten-free options, bakers can differentiate themselves in the market by highlighting their unique offerings.

  • Differentiating Factors for Home Bakers: It lists various aspects that can set a baker apart, including baking specialties, vibe, and background. This encourages bakers to leverage their uniqueness in marketing strategies.

  • Social Media Strategy: The workbook recommends using Facebook for local business marketing and Instagram for engaging with other home bakers, offering tailored advice for effective use of each platform.

  • Content Ideas for Social Media: It provides a wealth of content ideas, from free recipes to behind-the-scenes looks, aimed at building trust and engagement with followers.

  • Building Trust with Customers: Emphasizing the importance of authenticity, interacting with comments, and sharing testimonials, the workbook guides bakers on how to establish a genuine connection with their audience.

  • Photography Tips: Knowing the visual nature of baking, it offers tips on taking appealing photos using natural light and maintaining a tidy background to showcase products in the best way possible.

  • Social Media Weekly Checklist: A practical checklist is provided, recommending the frequency of posts, reels, and stories on Instagram to maintain an active and engaging presence.

  • Recommended Resources: The workbook suggests tools and resources like Light Rings, the Video editing app, and tripods to improve the quality of social media content.

Overall, "Baker's Buzz" serves as an invaluable resource for bakers looking to navigate the digital landscape confidently as they tap into their brand strategy.

It combines an empathetic understanding of the baker's journey with dynamic strategies for social media engagement, positioning, and content creation, all aimed at helping bakers thrive in a competitive market.

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pumpkin roll recipe

"Baker's Buzz" is here to turn your social media platforms into a bustling marketplace of engaged customers and raving fans.

Let’s get baking, and let's get buzzing! 🍰💖🐝


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  • (3) Video Lessons walking you through the biggest mental obstacles of social media marketing
  • Inside My Bakery - Video Lesson on Filming Techniques and Reel Tips
  • 35-Page Digital Teaching Workbook that breaks down the what, why, and how to tap into your personal brand to use social media to market your bakery
  • Assistance: Get any questions answered inside the course comment area

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